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Having a long experience in the decoration and the ceramic art in Greece and Italy, our countries of origin, we have started this new project in Lajares, Fuerteventura, Canary islands in 2014.

We bring our experience and passion to create frames/mirrors, decorative panels, tables, complements, pottery, personilised gifts…and much more..

In every creation we give a piece of ourselves, which makes our artworks unique and exclusive.

We undertake home and hotel decorations and our artwork can be shipped  worldwide.

Come and visit our shop, take lessons, or meet us to decide together how we can realise your personal project

Androniki & Loris


Androniki Kapodistria's BIO

I was born in Athens, Greece.
I have moved to a lot of places during my childwood , due to my father’s job as an army officer. In 1987 I moved with my family to Algeria, where my father was assigned as “Military attache’” in the Greek Embassy.
That is where I started getting in touch with the arabic art and especially the ceramics. I visited various local workshops and watched the artists creating.

In 1991 , I took, with my husband Loris, a long trip of several months in the Sub Saharian sahel. From Niger to Benin and Burkina Faso and from Ivory Coast to Guinee and Senegal.
The nature of these places, the rhythms,the colours in the everyday life, looked like an open sky workshop; every detail, every colour, every shape or perfume was a part of a larger mosaic.
These strong emotions had caracterised my first creations.

I took my B.A in Political Science of the University of Athens and moved to Italy with my husband, where he was working as civil engineer.
The proximity to the art city of Faenza and my passion of creating from different materials, worked as a catalyser for embracing definetevely the ceramic art.
I attended various ceramic courses and passed many hours every day, learningand practicing in the ceramic workshop of Angelica Drossaki, a well known Greek ceramist living in Forli.

I started selling my first artworks and partecipated in a group art exhibition in the city of Cesena.

Later on, I moved to Athens where I continued creating. In 2004, me and my husband, opened the TURQUOISE GALLERY in the island of Mykonos in Greece. The nature, the sea and the unique atmosfere of the island inspired both of us in our creations, and continues inspiring us until now.

When this chapter of our lives was over, we moved to France, Libia and then to Nigeria and finally in 2014 we decided to follow our new project:

Open a ceramics Art Studio in Fuerteventura so…

OTRO MAR art studio was born

I love experimenting with the glazes… The colours of the chosen glazes and their superposition reveal my desire of constant change and putting the instict ahead of any compromise while creating.

I love the light, I love the sea, I love the change and the colours!

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Otro Mar - Ceramic Creations

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